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Our Brady label identification solutions include the BMP51 portable label printer in a handy kit containing everything you need to get started with your voice/data labelling. We also stock TLS2200 accessories and labels including TLS2200 ribbon cartridges, TLS2200 fibre optic tags and TLS2200 self-laminating cable labels and patch panel labels.

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Brady IDEXPERT Self Laminating Cable Labels

  • Self-laminating vinyl labels are ideal for use in cable and wire labeling, voice-data identification, and panel marking
  • Permanent acrylic tape adheres well to surfaces that are smooth, rough or powder coated, and to irregular surfaces or surfaces with low surface energy
  • Printable white zone with self-lamination prints on a white background with translucent overlaminating area to protect text
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Brady BMP21-Plus UK Kit

  • This handheld label printer creates multi-line labels for clear identification of wires, panels, circuit boards and other industrial items
  • On-board keyboard contains letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9, and backlit LCD graphics display for easier labeling even in low-lit areas
  • Prints in 6 different text sizes ranging from 6 point to 40 point in a single color
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