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EXFO Light Sources

  • ELS-50 light sources deliver simple, accurate measurement of signal attenuation during fibre optic cable installation
  • FLS-300 light source is a multifunctional light source: up to three singlemode wavelengths on a single port, or four wavelengths (two multimode, and two singlemode) on two ports
  • FLS-600 light Source is designed for first-class versatility it offers laser and LED models, as well as various wavelength options
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EXFO Live Fibre Identifiers

  • LFD-201 is the only instrument of its kind on the market that comes with a choice of three built-in, interchangeable adapter heads, making it an all-in-one solution for live fibre detection
  • LFD-250B introduces step-motor-activated bending and makes fixed-angle bending and its associated drawbacks a thing of the past
  • LFD-201 requires 1x 9V battery (included)
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