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Stanley FatMax S300 Stud Detector

  • Backlit LCD screen clearly displays all of the sensor's readings, even in low light conditions
  • Wood and metal stud detection through up to 38mm deep surface material
  • AC detection identifies live wires up to 51mm deep
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Stanley FatMax 5 in 1 Hacksaw logo

Stanley FatMax 5 in 1 Hacksaw

  • Standard position is a 90 degree hacksaw with large throat depth
  • Blade can be quickly positioned to a 45 degree angle for making flush cuts
  • When working in tight spaces, the front section of the frame can be removed like a jabsaw
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FatMax Xtreme Retractable Knife logo

FatMax Xtreme Retractable Knife

  • Extra large handgrip and the diamond-shaped textured handle provides a sure-grip whatever the conditions
  • Chunky dial allows you to control the width of the knife opening, giving you a sure feel when using extra heavy duty blades
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Stanley FatMax Back Pack on Wheels logo

Stanley FatMax Back Pack on Wheels

  • Dual zipper closure enables opening from every end
  • Easy access to personal items stored in a different compartment
  • Front see through compartment and multiple loops for extra loads enables quick access needs. Loops provide additional fastening options
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