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Fluke MicroScanner 2

  • RJ11, RJ45 and coax interfaces all on one device
  • Displays cable length, wiremap, cable ID and distance to fault
  • Detects applications such as 10/100/1G Ethernet, telephone and PoE
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Fluke CableIQ Testers logo

Fluke CableIQ Testers

  • Detects speed and duplex settings of attached switches and PCs
  • Intelligent wiremap graphically shows distance to faults
  • Test ability of cable to support VoIP, voice and 10/100/1G Ethernet
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Fluke ProTool Kits logo

Fluke ProTool Kits

  • Ergonomically designed Dur-a-Grip pouch for convenient tool storage on belts
  • Kits contain impact tool, D-Snips, cable stripper and 66/110 blade
  • Empty pouches also available
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Fluke D-Snips logo

Fluke D-Snips

  • Ergonomic design to leverage extra power
  • Forged steel construction for durability and strength
  • Non-slip serrated blade for wire cutting
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