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Fluke Networks is the world leader in certification, troubleshooting and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructures. Solutions include the Versiv cable certification system, fibre and copper cabling test equipment, test telephones and cable preparation and termination tools.

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Fluke Networks MicroScanner2

  • RJ11, RJ45 and coax interfaces all on one device
  • Displays cable length, wiremap, cable ID and distance to fault on one screen
  • Detects applications such as 10/100/1G Ethernet, telephone and PoE
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Fluke Networks CableIQ

  • Detects speed and duplex settings of attached switches and PCs
  • Intelligent wiremap graphically shows distance to faults
  • Test ability of cable to support VoIP, voice and 10/100/1G Ethernet
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Fluke Networks DSX & OLTS Kits

  • Kits include Versiv Main & Remote units, copper modules and CertiFiber OLTS modules, plus accessories
  • WiFi enabled
  • Include test reference cords, one click cleaners and FI-1000 USB video probe (where apprpriate)
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