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KRONE Protector Mounting 5B logo

KRONE Protector Mounting 5B

  • Designed for use with strip connections 237A and 237B
  • Fitted with transparent cover to prevent accidental contact with GDTs
  • Cover can be replaced with Designation Strips 51A where labelling of the module is required
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KRONE Blown Fibre OS2 logo

KRONE Blown Fibre OS2

  • Blowing distance up to 1000m(750m for 12 core)
  • Manufactured to British Telecom specifications
  • Fibres already installed can be removed and replaced with a higher fibre count
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KRONE Connection Strips logo

KRONE Connection Strips

  • 237B = Permanent electrical path between incoming and outgoing cables
  • 237D / 237E = All of the contacts in each module are connected to a 150mm lead with terminal ring for connection
  • 237C = 20 Pairs in 20pairs out by terminating two wire one in one out on each tag, no test points.
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KRONE Locking Wedges logo

KRONE Locking Wedges

  • 23A - single pair disconnection of jumper wires from permanent wires. Provides temporary disconnection of lines for maintenance or pre going live
  • 24A - single pair marking or priority circuits. Prevents disconnection of priority circuits and use of test/patch plugs. Cannot be removed without the use of a tool.
  • 25A - disconnection of all 10prs on a module. Provides temporary disconnection of lines for maintenance or pre going live. Can be daisy chained for multiple cut-over
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KRONE Cat6a Q Jacks logo

KRONE Cat6a Q Jacks

  • Performance to ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO 11801, Edition 2 for Category 6/Class E and Category 6a/Class EA
  • Independently certified
  • RJ socket, 8 positions FCC Part (IEC 60603-7)
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KRONECTION BOX External A-6 logo


  • Integrated LSA-PLUS connection system permits quick and easy earthing, shielding and contacting of cable wires without using screws, soldering or stripping wires
  • Apart from standard mounting on walls, mounting on poles is also possible using a pole mounting kit
  • Weather-proof box leaves ample space for working inside when its lid is pushed upwards
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