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Prysmian SRS4000 Sub-Rack Modules & Upgrade Kits logo

Prysmian SRS4000 Sub-Rack Modules & Upgrade Kits

  • Splice Only Modules - used for direct splicing of connectorised pigtails or joining cables, available for standard and blown fibre or jacketed tails
  • Splitter Modules - used to mount pre-connectorised splitters onto adaptor panels, available in 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 1x16 & 1x32
  • Splice & Patch Upgrade Modules - used to increase capacity of partially populated panels, adaptor plate with adaptors and pigtails pre-loaded
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Prysmian Blown Fibre Accessories logo

Prysmian Blown Fibre Accessories

  • Tube connection and tube sealing products enable tubes to be connected together and/or prevent the ingress of water or gas
  • Blowing beads used with (EPFU) fibre and helps guide the blown fibre unit through tubes and aids installation
  • Compatible with the range of blown fibre units and blown fibre tubing
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Prysmian Riser Box Multi Tray logo

Prysmian Riser Box Multi Tray

  • Allows splicing from in line or butt cables to customer drop cables
  • Suitable for two butt or one inline cable of up to 15mm in diameter
  • In line cables can enter/exit from the unit on the left or right hand side
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Verticasa Cable Stripping Tool (VCST) logo

Verticasa Cable Stripping Tool (VCST)

  • Compact, safe, easy to handle
  • Designed to expose the cable elements without any damage to the fibres
  • With the dedicated adaptors supplied, the VCST is suitable to be used with the 12, 24 or 48 fibre Verticasa cables, measuring 8.5mm, 12.5mm and 14.5mm in diameter
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Prysmian Home Hub Box & Accessories logo

Prysmian Home Hub Box & Accessories

  • Stylish and attractive design for internal use
  • Supplied as standard with a base, a cover, top and bottom vented covers
  • Modular design. Supplied as a single unit, then upgrade boxes can be purchased to mount above or below the initial box, such that the unit can be stacked to any required height of boxes
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Prysmian Oval Port Mechanical Entry Kits logo

Prysmian Oval Port Mechanical Entry Kits

  • Available for the CMJ, MMJ & LMJ joint closures
  • Each kit contains all components required to prepare and install cables and route fibres to the splice trays
  • Cable sealed into the oval port using a mechanical gland system comprising of two plates and rubber block
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Prysmian Joint Closure Accessories logo

Prysmian Joint Closure Accessories

  • Silicone grease for use with joints, enclosures and port entry kits
  • Gland spanners and port removal tools to aid installation and removal of port kits
  • Workstation support brackets designed to hold joint enclosures and make installation quicker and easier
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