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Softing FiberXpert OTDR 5000 logo

Softing FiberXpert OTDR 5000

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) for 850/1300nm multimode or combined for 850/1300nm multimode, and 1310/1550nm singlemode
  • Standards compliant Tier 2 measurement of fibre optic cabling
  • Automatic Pass/Fail analysis of the test results according to the limits specified by TIA/IEC
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Softing CableMaster 600 Tester logo

Softing CableMaster 600 Tester

  • Tests network and coaxial cables (RJ45 jack and F-type connector)
  • Displays wire map in graphical format for rapid trouble-shooting
  • Determines cable length and distance to the cable fault performing a full TDR measurement
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Softing CableMaster 800 Tester logo

Softing CableMaster 800 Tester

  • Tests all cable connections, wire map showing shorts, cuts, includes RJ45 to alligator, network and coax remotes
  • Tests RJ-45 Data-, telephone and coax cabling
  • Active network tester - Checks the active network connection, speed and PoE
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Softing CableMaster 400 Tester logo

Softing CableMaster 400 Tester

  • Tests voice (6 wire), data (8 wire) and video (coax)
  • Tests and indicates pins with shorts, opens, reversals, miswires and split pairs
  • Displays 'Pass' icon for correctly wired 6-pin telephone plus 'Rev' for reversed-pinned
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