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Cabinet Accessories (206 products)

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Cage Nuts Kits logo

Cage Nuts Kits

  • Supplied in pack of 50 cage nuts, bolts and cup washers
  • Option for Pozi or Slot headed bolts
  • SPCL cage nuts (also known as Monoserts) allow the user to mount from the front
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ETSI EziBlank Panels logo

ETSI EziBlank Panels

  • EziBlank Universal 21" blanking panels utilise a similar design to EziBlank's 19" blanking Panels but have been specifically designed to be installed into 21" ETSI Racks.
  • The panels are supplied in boxes of 10 panels, with each 21" blanking panel being 10SU in size.
  • The panels are scored at 1SU intervals enabling the required number of SU panels to be snapped off.
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EziBlank Blanking Panels logo

EziBlank Blanking Panels

  • Supplied in a strip of 6x 1U panels which can be snapped at 1U intervals allowing them to fit the required amount of unused rack space
  • Exiblank Universal features and innovative rotating clip mechanism
  • Standard supply is Black. Grey is also available on 5 to 7 day lead time
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