Air/Blowing Equipment (40 products)

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Air/Blowing Equipment (40 products)

Electric and petrol engine blowing machines for fibre installation.

40 products found in 20 groups.

Factair 9A Petrol Compressor logo

Factair 9A Petrol Compressor

  • Portable, petrol engine driven rotary vane compressor
  • 70 l/min of pulse free treated compressed air at a working pressure of 10 bar
  • Specifically designed with manual handling in mind and is deliberately below the single person lifting weight of 25Kg
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Factair Blowing Head 4A logo

Factair Blowing Head 4A

  • Extremely efficient air delivery meaning considerably smaller compressors can be used, such as petrol BT9A or 1108240V Electric Fibrevane
  • As standard the 4A is supplied a 1.2mm airbox suitable for 4 fibre EPFU, however an alternative airbox for 8 and 12 fibre EPFU is available
  • The dispenser has been designed so that it can be used in tight congested spaces, such as when centre blowing
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Jetting Y Block logo

Jetting Y Block

  • Supplied with 32mm and 40mm jaws as standard
  • Additional jaws for further sizes are available
  • A 25mm tube is connected between jetting machine and Y block
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Rotair VRK200 Cable Blowing Machine Compressor logo

Rotair VRK200 Cable Blowing Machine Compressor

  • Built in aftercooler - no need for a second unit to cool/dry delivered air
  • Automatic optimum air flow delivery - the unit will automatically adjust the air flow to the optimum volume, this reduces stress on the engine and improves fuel consumption
  • Service intervals are longer and basic maintenance is simpler. Service intervals are around half the amount of the main competitors and can be done onsite by the engineer as all service parts are accessible without deconstructing the unit
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