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Aerial Cable Clamps

  • Aerial cable clamp 2 used with self supporting cable combined 10/0.5, 20/0.5, 5/0.6 and 10/0.6 at through pole positions on hollow poles
  • Aerial cable clamp 4 used with self supporting cable combined 50/0.5, 10/0.63, 28/0.63 and 14/0.9 at through pole positions on hollow poles
  • 992043 also known as BT Clamp Dropwire 10A and for use with copper dropwire 10B (770444)
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Drop Cable Mandrel Clamps logo

Drop Cable Mandrel Clamps

  • Cost effective, single-piece plastic with compact design
  • Simple fast installation requires no tools
  • Unique securing solution for outdoor drop cables with insulated and flexible sheath
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Dropwire Brackets logo

Dropwire Brackets

  • 992041 Also known as BT Bracket 22
  • 992042 Also known as BT Bracket 32
  • 827143 & 827594 are designed to be used at the end user premise where additional height clearances are required
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Dropwire Polehead Rings logo

Dropwire Polehead Rings

  • 828390 is a replacement larger pole ring to be used on congested poles as an alternative to the standard pole ring
  • Allows the fixing of dropwire, drop cable clamps and helical cable clamps
  • Bolt diameter 16mm
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Galvanised Flat Washers logo

Galvanised Flat Washers

  • Washer Galvenised 4 is 50mm in diameter with an 18mm hole, 3mm in thickness - Used on Bolt Arm
  • Washer Galvanised 19 is 20mm in diameter, with a 7mm hole, 1.6mm in thickness - Used with Nail Bonding and Strip Aluminium to secure cables to wooden poles
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