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BT PVC Duct Rods

  • The joint is commonly known as the ferret type which operates on the principles of a spring loaded pin engaging into a mating hole. When the joints are screwed together the trigger which is flush with the body of the joint is pressed for quick release
  • Also known as BT Duct Rod 1, 2, and 5 respectively
  • Fitted with ferret (triggerlock, i.e. can be rotated in either direction) joints
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CK MightyRod Cable Rod Sets logo

CK MightyRod Cable Rod Sets

  • 100% Splinter-proof rods gain without the pain..SpinterSHIELD is an advancement in cable rod technology. The durable SplinterSHIELD coating fully encases the inner fibreglass rod to prevent harmful splintering. No more gloves, no more painful splinters!
  • Triple fixed mighty-fix connectors - Unsurpassed strength..Through the use of an innovative triple fixing system, the super tough zinc-plated steel Mighty-Fix connectors offer unsurpassed tensile strength in excess of 275kg. Furthermore, the ultra-slim profile reduces snagging and provides accessibility through smaller holes
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Drawrope & Dropwire Dispensers logo

Drawrope & Dropwire Dispensers

  • BT Dispenser 1 - Tubular steel framed dropwire dispenser with an adjustable tensioning device to prevent over-run of the drum. The drum is held by means of a spring loaded spindle
  • BT Dispenser 2B - Features an adjustable tensioning device to avoid over-run of the drum
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ETC Cable Drum Rollers logo

ETC Cable Drum Rollers

  • Roller positions can be altered using a simple spring loaded mechanism, allowing the engineer to quickly set the dispenser up for the cable drum size
  • Made from a durable zinc plated steel
  • Can be packaged away into cardboard packaging for protection when not in use
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