External Cabling (578 products)

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External Cabling (578 products)

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Cable Roller Guide logo

Cable Roller Guide

  • 6 nylon rollers provide smooth movement of cable to prevent damage
  • Adjustable clamp allows the roller to be swivelled and/or rotated into any position
  • Pull pin makes opening and closing to insert and remove cables a simple operation
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CommScope MJC Accessories logo

CommScope MJC Accessories

  • Branching Plugs - A range of plugs allowing various cable entry/exit options
  • Blanking Plugs - For sealing unused branching ports
  • Port Reducers - For adapting branching ports allowing further cable entry/exit option
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CommScope TENIO Cable Termination Units logo

CommScope TENIO Cable Termination Units

  • CTU-S used with cable seals: TENIO-SKG5-2/4, TENIO-SKG4-3/6
  • CTU-L used with cable seals: TENIO-SKG3-5/8, TENIO-SKG3-7/10, TENIO-SKG2-9/12, TENIO-SKG2-11/14, TENIO-SKG2-13/16, TENIO-SKG3-3/5x6/9
  • Stronger than T-wraps, safer than hose clamps (no cable damage)
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