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Cleaning & Lubricants (54 products)

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Cletop Fibre Optic Cleaners (Cletop-S) logo

Cletop Fibre Optic Cleaners (Cletop-S)

  • Second generation cleaner with improved ergonomics and tape maintenance
  • Connector ferrules are wiped along slots in exposed cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning tape is automatically wound each time the cassette is used ensuring a clean surface for each connector
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Fibre Optic Isopropyl Alcohol logo

Fibre Optic Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Ensures fibres are in optimum condition prior to splicing or termination
  • Used with cleaning wipes and buds for removing dirt and contamination from fibre connectors
  • Should be used in conjunction with solvent dispenser
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Ideal Aqua-Gel II logo

Ideal Aqua-Gel II

  • Polymer-based formula provides maximum tension reduction in high-stress electrical and communications cable-pulling operations
  • Compatible with all cable types
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water
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Socomore Cable Cleaners logo

Socomore Cable Cleaners

  • High performance cleaner of cables, tools and equipment
  • Cleans and removes gels and blocking compounds without sticky residue
  • Reduces splicing failures and moisture permeation
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