Copper Data Cabling Test Equipment (55 products)

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Copper Data Cabling Test Equipment (55 products)

Data cabling certifiers from Fluke Networks and Ideal Industries can check to performance of installer copper cabling systems against published industry standards. With test capabilities up to Cat8 these testers can certify the performance of the very latest cabling systems. Qualification testers will check the ability of the cabling systems to support specific applications. They can not certify the performance of the cabling system against published standards but they are a useful tool for assessing the data carrying capacity of the installed cabling. Wire mappers and fault finders are low cost, first level fault finding tools that can check the basic continuity of the cabling and help find distance to faults.

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Fluke Networks CableIQ logo

Fluke Networks CableIQ

  • Detects speed and duplex settings of attached switches and PCs
  • Intelligent wiremap graphically shows distance to faults
  • Test ability of cable to support VoIP, voice and 10/100/1G Ethernet
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Fluke Networks MicroMapper logo

Fluke Networks MicroMapper

  • Testing of twisted pairs for open circuits, shorts and crossed, reversed and split pairs
  • Easy-to-read fault display
  • Tone generator for tracing installed cables hidden in walls, floors and ceilings
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Fluke Networks MicroScanner2 logo

Fluke Networks MicroScanner2

  • RJ11, RJ45 and coax interfaces all on one device
  • Displays cable length, wiremap, cable ID and distance to fault on one screen
  • Detects applications such as 10/100/1G Ethernet, telephone and PoE
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Molex SLT3S Tester logo

Molex SLT3S Tester

  • Separate ports for testing 568A, 568B and USOC wiring schemes
  • Detects shorts, opens, reversals and mis-wires
  • Continuously monitors status through use of LEDs
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Trend Networks LanTEK III logo

Trend Networks LanTEK III

  • Locate hidden connections, splices and cable faults using Time Domain Return Loss (TDRL) and Time Domain Crosstalk (TDX) functions
  • Permanent link adapters save money, reduce down time and lower maintenance costs
  • Field replaceable RJ45 contacts
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Trend Networks LanTEK IV-S logo

Trend Networks LanTEK IV-S

  • 7 second Cat6A test time, including TCL and Resistance Unbalance to prove PoE support
  • VisiLINQ permanent link adaptors provide visual indication of test result
  • Cat8 tester has up to 3000MHz test frequency for future proof investment
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