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Splicers & Cleavers (19 products)

Comtec are a master distributor of INNO fusion splicers. Comtec offers competitive prices on all INNO products, including the View 7, View 5 and View 3 fusion splicers. We also offer brands like EasySplicer, Miller and Ultima products.

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EasySplicer MK2 logo

EasySplicer MK2

  • Alignment method: V-grove (cladding alignment)
  • Fibre holders: 3 pairs (250µm, 900µm and loose tube)
  • Typical splice Loss: 0.03dB singlemode, 0.01dB multimode
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INNO V7+ Cleaver logo

INNO V7+ Cleaver

  • For cleaving 250micron, 900micron, 3.0mm, ribbon and flat fibres with universal holder
  • Compatible with all VIEW series fusion splicers
  • Easy and simple 2 step operation
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INNO View 6S Fusion Splicer logo

INNO View 6S Fusion Splicer

  • Shorter V-Groove offers improved familiarity for engineers who are used to dealing with other machines like the Sumitomo 71C and 72C models
  • Core alignment splicing method with DACAS (Digital Analysis Core Alignment System)
  • 5" colour LCD touch screen
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Miller Fibre Optic Cleaver logo

Miller Fibre Optic Cleaver

  • Small, lightweight and easy to use
  • Features a graduated leaf spring scale, which allows cleave lengths of 2mm to 20mm
  • The score and snap leaf spring function is easy, fast and is the preferred method by many fibre installers
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