Termination Strips & Accessories (41 products)

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Termination Strips & Accessories (41 products)

A range of 237 style termination strips and accessories. The termination strips have IDC terminations that are suitable for solid or stranded conductors. The 237A modules have disconnection contacts that enable 'look both ways' testing wheras 237B modules have connection contacts that ensure that the service and subscriber connections cannot be disconnected. There is a range of accessories available for labelling, marking and testing of circuits.

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10pr Disconnection Strips logo

10pr Disconnection Strips

  • Disconnection contacts enable use of over-voltage protection and 'look both ways' testing
  • IDC to screw terminal module enables connections to larger diameter conductors
  • LSA style terminations
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CommScope Test Cords & Plugs logo

CommScope Test Cords & Plugs

  • Plugs sets can be used to assemble customised connection cords (voice cable not included)
  • Test cords have a plug on one end and banana sockets on the other end for connection to user's test equipment
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Connection Strips logo

Connection Strips

  • Fully compatible with industry standard back mount frames, insertion tools, connection boxes, designation strips and other accessories
  • UK OFTEL approved
  • High specification silver plated contacts maintain electrical performance after multiple insertions
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Earthing Strips logo

Earthing Strips

  • All mount on standard 237-style 10pr back mount frames
  • All of the contacts in each module are connected to a 150mm lead with terminal ring for connection
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Locking Wedges For 237 Style Modules logo

Locking Wedges For 237 Style Modules

  • 23A - Single pair disconnection of jumper wires from permanent wires. Provides temporary disconnection of lines for maintenance or pre going live
  • 24A - Single pair marking or priority circuits. Prevents disconnection of priority circuits and use of test/patch plugs. Cannot be removed without use of a tool
  • 25A - Disconnection of all 10prs on a module. Provides temporary disconnection of lines for maintenance or pre going live. Can be daisy chained for multiple cut-over
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Protector 22C logo

Protector 22C

  • Comprises a GDT plus semi-conductors offering high current carrying capacity and high speed of response giving greater protection of sensitive equipment
  • Suitable for fitting into the Protector Mounting 5B
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