Rewards for all with Ideal Networks

Rewards for all with Ideal Networks

Posted by Lucia Anico on

Ideal Networks are offering free test equipment when you purchase the following products:

- Buy a LanTEK III Cable Certifier and get a free SignalTEK NT worth £1,615
The LanTEK III Cable Certifier can test installed copper cabling performance up to Cat7a. Time Domain Return Loss (TDRL) and NEXT (TDX) help installers to locate hidden connections, splices and cable faults. The replaceable Cat6a permanent link adapter tips reduce the cost of ownership. Centred connectors provide minial tolerance and are compatible with all RJ45 twisted pair cabling connectors (optional). Pair the LanTEK III with a free SignalTEK NT and you've got everything that you need to certify and troubleshoot cabling infrastructures and supported applications.

- Buy a SignalTEK NT Transmission Tester and get a free pair of 1000BASE-SX Fibre Kits worth £270
The SignalTEK NT is a comprehensive handheld cable and network qualifier for testing both active and passive fibre and copper cabling. Perform network traffic performance tests on copper and fibre to the IEEE802.3ab standard, verify PoE/PoE+ support and determine available voltage at device location and determine connection speed, port ID, ping, traceroute and IPv4/IPv6.

- Buy a VDV II Pro Cable Verifier and get a free Amplifier Probe worth £57
The VDV II Pro is an easy to use cable tester that checks the integrity of copper cables commonly found in domestic, commercial or industrial voice, data or video installations. Check telephone wiring, data network and video/security cabling. Employing state-of-the-art technology, the VDV II Pro offers functionality not previously available in a wiremapper. The advanced wiremap engine accurately displays complex wiring faults instantaneously whilst TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) aides troubleshooting and improves on-site productivity.

To find out more about these testers and take advantage of this special promotion that ends on 31st January 2018, contact the Comtec sales office now on 01480 415000 or visit our website

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