Data centre networks 'to become more open' in 2019

Data centre networks 'to become more open' in 2019

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Networking infrastructure in data centres will need to help these locations become more open and integrated with other systems this year as the lines that define the data centre become more blurred.

This is according to predictions offered by industry experts to Data Center Knowledge. The website spoke to executives from several enterprise networking vendors, and a key trend that emerged is that the data centre will no longer be expected to operate in isolation.

Scott Sneddon, senior director and chief evangelist for cloud and SDN at Juniper Networks, told the publication that many discussions about the future of the data centre are wrong because they are starting with the assumption that this is all that matters, when it fact, the networking sector has moved beyond this.

"The majority of technological changes in this space are happening because of the cloud. More precisely, multi-cloud. While the data centre is central and necessary, it’s not sufficient on its own," he continued.

This means that in 2019 and beyond, enterprises need to "extend the conversation" and look beyond the traditional boundaries of their networks when planning their infrastructure deployments.

Meanwhile, chief technology officer at Cumulus Networks JR Rivers told Data Center Knowledge that 2019 will be the time for enterprises to finally make concrete decisions about how they wish to structure their networks for the years ahead.

"For people running complex businesses, they will have to make the hard decisions," he said. "Very few people are all-in on tooling, infrastructure, or anything, really, so flexibility and openness will be key for decision makers."

Elsewhere, Anshul Sadana, chief customer officer at Arista, forecast that better analytics and automation will help eliminate many of the tedious and time-consuming manual processes involved in networking, such as troubleshooting and analysing traffic flows.

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