Ethernet Alliance demo 2017 shows ‘the future is now’

Ethernet Alliance demo 2017 shows ‘the future is now’

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The Ethernet Alliance has released details of what happened at its recent multivendor interoperability demo, which is designed to showcase technologies and display highlights from the industry.
Between November 13th and 17th, the global consortium manned a booth at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. The demo displayed technologies that ranged from 25 gigabit ethernet (GbE) to 400Gb, while also showcasing the industry’s unified efforts to provide high-performance (HPC) designers with progressive solutions for creating custom-built environments for the future.
Speaking about the importance of the sector, John D’Ambrosia, chairman, Ethernet Alliance and senior principal engineer at Huawei, said: “Ethernet continues to provide diverse choices and options for the HPC community. 
“From component and cabling vendors, to server and switch makers, to test and measurement equipment providers, the Ethernet ecosystem is working in tandem to produce a rich portfolio of solutions that can be leveraged for custom-built HPC environments. And with its journey drawing to a close, the technologies supporting 400Gb are emerging, opening the path to a new generation of hyperscale computers.”
He added that Ethernet is a constant source of diverse choices and options for the HPC community. Mr D’Ambrosia believes that the technologies supporting 400Gb are now emerging, paving the way for a new generation of hyperscale computers.
According to the engineer, the Ethernet Alliance demo is important because it shows that the next era of the technology is here and not far off in the future. The event highlights technologies that can support supercomputing needs of the present, while also laying out a “roadmap” for the needs of tomorrow.
It’s not just the Ethernet Alliance that believes the technology is important, as it has remained a commanding presence in the supercomputing TOP500 – representing a solid 40 per cent of systems named in the list.  
As the performance of ethernet continues to experience steady growth, it is moving towards servers that can support speeds of 10Gb to 100Gb. The hyperscale architectures that enable high-performance at a low-cost-per-bit threshold can provide HPC designers with flexible and scalable technology that is key to construct custom-fit solutions, while allowing them to still enjoy the robust reliability that ethernet can deliver.
The 2017 Ethernet Alliance demo is a reflection of the commitment of the whole of the ecosystem has to provide the HPC market with a wide variety of high-class solutions. The demo also provided an advanced look at 400Gb and a fully realised demonstration that includes network traffic generation, monitoring, analysing and testing.
In addition to the demo, Mr D’Ambrosia led a panel that explored the relevance and value of ethernet to HPC. He spoke alongside Ran Almog, product manager for Mellanox Technologies, and Nathan Tracy, technologist and manager of industry standards at TE Connectivity. The trio discussed solutions that enabled development and deployment for the next generation of computing, networking and storage.
The Ethernet Alliance is a global consortium that is made up of system and component vendors, industry experts and professionals that are dedicated to the continued success and expansion of the technology. 

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