Impact of coronavirus 'will not break UK broadband'

Impact of coronavirus 'will not break UK broadband'

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The spread of coronavirus continues to be headline news in the UK, with the government this week raising the nation's action plan against the spread of this disease from a level of containment to delaying its impact up and down the country.

As a result, a growing number of businesses are actively encouraging their staff to work remotely, meaning there's now growing demand upon the UK's broadband network as more people take up this option in order to isolate themselves from possible infection.

Now, with more people logging on from home, tasks like video conferencing, the need to make large data transfers or to simply log on and search the internet are all coming under the spotlight due to an increasing number of home users.

It's a conundrum that UK ISPs have been quick to respond to, however, with numerous businesses highlighting the measures they've taken to expand capacity for home broadband customers in recent months and years.

A spokesperson for Vodafone told "We have been adding capacity and minimising congestion at busy aggregation nodes to meet the growing demand for our home broadband service." 

Meanwhile, Andrew Glover, chair of the Internet Services Providers' Association, stated: "ISPs are ready to handle any potential extra bandwidth and consistently assess the demands that are being put on their networks. 

"Businesses and companies will need to ensure that their own systems, e.g. their server setup, support a potentially significant increase in remote connections to accommodate the potential increase in traffic from their employees."

As a result, while coronavirus may have a considerable impact on many parts of our lives, both businesses and workers are being reassured that a lack of broadband connectivity and capacity will not be an issue while this crisis endures.

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