UK's slowest connectivity locations revealed

UK's slowest connectivity locations revealed

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A new survey has revealed the slowest and fastest streets in the UK for average connectivity speeds, highlighting the fact there is still a lot of work to be done if the industry is to meet government targets to roll out superfast and full fibre broadband in the coming years.

The study, conducted by uSwitch and based on data from over 122,000 consumer speed tests, revealed it is not just rural areas where residents can struggle to achieve adequate download speeds.

While locations in remote parts of the UK such as the Scottish Highlands and Islands featured in the top ten slowest streets, there were also more urban areas on the list, including some that are mere miles away from the UK's fastest streets, highlighting the UK's digital divide.

The slowest street in the country is said to be Kingsclere in the Huntington district of York, where the average download speed sits at just 0.22Mbps. This was some 829 times slower than the UK’s fastest street, which is Darwin Street in Livingston, Scotland, where average speeds reached 182.52Mbps.

Meanwhile, just a few miles away from Kingsclere, residents of York Road in the Elvington area of the city enjoy the UK's second-fastest speeds, with an average of 135.56Mbps.

Dani Warner, broadband expert at uSwitch said: "Our research reveals the digital divide running through Britain. Residents living on one side of a city can be struggling with broadband as slow as molasses, while people just miles away are enjoying ultrafast speeds.

"It's ridiculous to think that it would take someone in York Road, Elvington less than seven minutes to download a two-hour HD film like Toy Story 4, yet it would take more than two and a half days for someone living less than 16 minutes drive away in Kingsclere, Huntington."

However, the research suggested one reason why many people continue to suffer from slow speeds is a lack of awareness about faster options. Kingsclere, for instance, was one of seven entries in the bottom ten to have partial or full availability of superfast services.

Of the nine streets with average speeds below 0.5Mbps, just three - Dunlop in Kilmarnock, Duiletter in Colintraive, Argyllshire, and Quarterland Road in Killinchy, Newtownards - have no access to superfast services such as fibre

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