CommScope launches new High Speed Migration platform

CommScope launches new High Speed Migration platform

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Communications infrastructure developer CommScope has announced the launch of a new fibre solution that has been specially developed to meet the high-intensity data requirements of Generation Z network users.

The company's new High Speed Migration platform provides ultra-low-loss singlemode and multimode fibre capabilities in order to strengthen data centre infrastructures at a time when demand for additional bandwidth has never been higher.

The platform offers enhanced high-density panels to support most singlemode and multimode fibre types, and to secure them to protect active links during modifications. Additionally, the company is offering a fibre performance calculator to help operators produce better estimates of application performance, as well as giving customers loss targets for the high-performance links they have designed. It also provides insight into supported distances for high-speed applications.

Other key benefits include an assurance guarantee that applications today and in the future will be fully supported, while the portfolio also provides modular, ultra-low-loss (ULL) components to ensure that cloud, hyperscale and enterprise infrastructures can retain scalable and flexible qualities.

Moreover, its interchangeable 8, 12 and 24-fibre MPO modules enable IT managers to build more capacity with existing fibre trunks, with singlemode and multimode ULL fibre technology used to optimise the budget and lifecycle of the system. The OM5 wideband multimode fibre lowers the cost of ethernet network speeds of 100G or higher, while the ULL performance maximises network speed, reach and topology options for flexible and agile network enhancements.

John Schmidt, vice president of data centre solutions at CommScope, said: "Data centre managers need to know that their infrastructures can handle copious video downloads and uploads, massive data analysis and overall increased demand. Our team helps identify, design and build data centres to be ready now and in the future, with the capability to quickly and efficiently scale up or down. Flexibility makes a strong network backbone."

The new platform is launching at a point where the needs of Generation Z consumers are coming to the forefront, with these younger network users having a greater focus on the consumption and production of video content than any previous generation. This means data centres need to be overhauled to prepare for consistently higher speeds and increased stress on their networks.

CommScope's High Speed Migration portfolio can be applied to both duplex and parallel applications, giving users a choice over the best approach to architecture. It also supports higher speeds and emerging applications without the need for wholesale replacement, meaning network operators can get up to speed and match the expectations of the so-called "YouTube generation" with a minimum of fuss.

The High Speed Migration platform has already received a Cabling Installation and Maintenance Silver Innovation Award for offering significant improvements over existing products, with a panel of third-party judges rating the technology highly for its innovation, value, impact and sustainability.

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