CommScope: Unleashing the power of 5G through spectrum innovation

CommScope: Unleashing the power of 5G through spectrum innovation

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Fifth-generation (5G) networks are currently being trialled as the future of technology and wireless network connections.

This tech has the power to provide users with average download speeds of 1Gbps, which is expected to lead to a huge increase in uptake of smart devices and other significant transformations in the way people use technology when 5G is rolled out on a wide scale - a landmark scheduled for 2020.

All of this is going to be possible thanks to the spectrum innovation that resides at the heart of 5G connections - a topic network infrastructure provider CommScope recently discussed with Fortune Magazine.

How spectrum innovation will boost the power of 5G

CommScope is channelling spectrum innovation to deliver efficient 5G connections by building small, dense cells that are able to relay radio signals to improve network efficiency and radio spectrum.

The idea behind this innovation is that it will enable consistent, superfast internet speeds to be delivered across all areas, whether urban or rural, thanks to the right frequency ranges being in place.

CommScope believes that this innovation will subsequently help to improve performance across mobile broadband, ultra-reliable communications and machine-type communications.

However, ongoing work will be required as 5G and other types of wireless technology continue to evolve to allocate the radio spectrum to the areas where it is needed the most.

What's more, local authorities and telecoms providers will need to work together to free up existing radio spectrum to make way for 5G, so the ability to harness the technology's full power won't be an overnight process.

5G and the future of spectrum innovation

CommScope may be leading the way in spectrum innovation where 5G is concerned for now. But Ben Cardwell, senior vice-president and segment leader of CommScope Mobility Solutions, explained to Fortune Magazine that it was likely more organisations would be developing radio points for 5G networks in the future. This is because there is huge potential for this type of innovation to help unleash the full power of 5G.

"5G will have to serve a tremendous number of vertical markets that will require customised solutions designed to meet a specific need, whether it's in manufacturing, heavy industry, retail, or healthcare," Mr Cardwell commented.

"These will be network solutions that handle their data or users in a specific way, as well as connect millions of devices together."

It is therefore imperative that network operators are given access to innovative solutions such as the developments in radio spectrum in order to help them get the most from 5G, which has the potential to transform the way they do business and interact with customers.

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