5 key applications for Li-Fi technology

5 key applications for Li-Fi technology

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Li-Fi, or light fidelity technology, has come a long way in recent years. The connectivity tool, which uses the visible light spectrum to transmit data rather than radio waves, is now much more than a technical exercise and offers a number of improvements over options such as Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi promises to deliver higher speeds to more users simultaneously, with a high degree or reliability. But while there may be many workplaces and other locations that could stand to benefit from the performance offered by Li-Fi, there are a few specific applications where the unique characteristics of the technology may prove to be especially beneficial.

Here are five such environments where Li-Fi could be the number one wireless connectivity solution in the coming years.

In healthcare

Hospitals have long proved challenging for networking professionals, as the wide range of sensitive medical equipment can be easily disrupted by the radio frequencies used by traditional tools. As Li-Fi does not use these frequencies, the risks of electromagnetic interference caused by the use of smartphones and Wi-Fi in hospitals is eliminated. 

Therefore, Li-Fi could be used for everything from real-time monitoring of patients and approving prescriptions to offering patients a faster way to connect to the internet from their beds, without any risk of disruption.

For live streaming

Being able to watch videos on the go is now hugely important for many people, and can be very useful for brands looking to get their name out there. But at crowded events, such as conferences, product launches, seminars, trade shows or even weddings, Wi-Fi can struggle to provide the experience users expect.

Li-Fi's high data transfer rates can eliminate these issues, allowing attendees of all types of events to better connect with the internet, engage with presentations, and find out more information, regardless of the type of venue. 

In education

The performance offered by Li-Fi can also transform how teachers and students interact with online materials in education. For a classroom of 30 students, Wi-Fi networks may struggle to handle multiple simultaneous connections. In a university lecture hall with 100 or more people, the problem is even worse.

But with Li-Fi eliminating these issues, it could allow educators to create new, engaging lesson plans that can access an entire world of resources. Indeed, education institutions have been among the earliest adopters of Li-Fi technology, with schools such as Kyle Academy in Scotland making great use of its capabilities.

For retail

Connectivity is now an important part of the retail experience for many shoppers, with consumers using mobile devices in store to compare prices, read reviews and get more information about potential purchases. And Li-Fi could offer a range of benefits for both customers and retailers.

For shoppers, it can improve their in-store experience by guiding them to products, accessing coupons and viewing special offers. Similarly, stores can better understand who their customers are and deliver more-targeted marketing and advertising.

For aviation

A particularly specialised use for Li-Fi is in aviation. Although in-flight Wi-Fi has been offered by many airlines for some time, it's effectiveness is hindered by the large number of people trying to connect in a congested space, as well as the risk of potential electromagnetic interference. However, as is the case with healthcare, Li-Fi eliminates any disruption.

What's more, as it is straightforward to install in cabin lighting that will be in easy line of sight for all passengers, there will be no connectivity issues to contend with and it should have more than enough bandwidth to meet the needs of every occupant, making it the ideal choice for these highly demanding environments.

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