Announcing LinkIQ Cable+Network Tester from Fluke Networks

Announcing LinkIQ Cable+Network Tester from Fluke Networks

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The LinkIQ™ Cable+Network Tester verifies cable performance up to 10Gb/s and solves network connectivity problems.

LinkIQ™ enables you to:
  • Find maximum cabling speed (Up to 10 Gb/s)
  • Install and troubleshoot PoE devices via Switch Negotiation and PoE Load Test
  • Identify connected switch information (half/full duplex identification, switch name, port number, and VLAN info)

Additional features include analogue and digital toning with the IntelliTone™ Probe or Pro3000™ to assist in locating cables in a wall or telecommunications room, port blink to identify the connected switch port, 802.1x authentification, remote office locators and the ability to manage results via LinkWare™ PC.

Choose from a base model with with a remote ID 1 or a kit with 1-7 remote ID's and the IntelliTone Probe. Additional information can be viewed online here.

For further assistance do contact the team on 01480 415000.

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