Netgear launches industry-first 48-port smart managed switch

Netgear launches industry-first 48-port smart managed switch

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Netgear has announced the launch of its new GS750E Gigabit Smart Managed Plus Switch, a device that offers an unprecedented 48 ports to cater to the expanding connectivity needs of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The switch is designed to help companies to prepare their networks for future growth and allow them to easily add extra workstations, servers, network-attached storage solutions and PCs without any need to compromise overall bandwidth or speed.

Supporting VLAN, QoS, LAG and IGMP management capabilities and offering two SFP uplink ports, GS750E provides easy, reliable and affordable connectivity through an intuitive web interface, making it easier than ever for SMBs to optimise their networks and eliminate potential bottlenecks, while achieving a balance between performance and affordability.

Key features of the GS750E include a fanless design that allows it to be used in noise-sensitive environments such as classrooms, conference rooms, doctor’s offices, or open-plan offices, as well as a full set of advanced L2 features such as traffic prioritisation and link aggregation, all configurable through the web GUI.

It also provides a 100 Gbps non-blocking switching architecture, VLAN, QoS and port mirroring for segmenting and prioritising voice, data and video traffic, and protection against denial-of-service attacks, plus link aggregation and loop prevention tools to add redundancy and increase connection speeds further.

Netgear is launching this new solution in response to growing demand from businesses of all sizes for increased network capacity, at a time when more and more mission-critical activities are becoming dependent upon data.

Additionally, firms are keen for solutions that can intelligently separate and prioritise different forms of data traffic to support applications such as VoIP phones and IP cameras on their Ethernet infrastructure. However, many small companies do not necessarily have the budget or advanced training to make the best use of the complex managed switches upon which such requirements typically depend.

Netgear's range of Smart Managed Plus Switches have therefore been designed to provide these kinds of fundamental features - alongside enhanced controls to improve network performance, visibility into abnormal traffic behavior, cable test functionality and security against possible threats - for a price that is more accessible to SMBs.

Moreover, its compact profile means it can also be easily deployed, allowing it to be used as a desktop switch, mounted in a rack or even fitted in a small IT closet cabinet.

Richard Jonker, vice president of product line management for SMB products at Netgear, said: "With our industry-first 48-port Smart Managed Plus Switch, businesses that need more ports without sacrificing bandwidth or speed deploy 48 ports at once to avoid congestion from stacking lower port count switches.

"Our expertise in engineering high-performance networks derives from over two decades of working with SMBs. This history gives us an unequaled understanding of how to adapt networks to the unique needs of growing organisations, especially in small business, hospitality, catering, education and retail domains."

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