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Cletop Fibre Optic Cleaners (Cletop-S)

Product Code: 994650

Fibre Cleaner Cassette Cletop-S Type A Tape Blue

Fibre optic connector ferrule end face cleaner ... More Details

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Fibre optic connector ferrule end face cleaner

  • Second generation cleaner with improved ergonomics and tape maintenance
  • Connector ferrules are wiped along slots in exposed cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning tape is automatically wound each time the cassette is used ensuring a clean surface for each connector
  • Dry cleaning eliminates the need to use IPA or solvents
  • Anti-static properties for static sensitive applications
  • 400+ wipes per cartridge
  • Available in 2.5mm and 1.25mm
  • Type-S A: Designed for single 2.5 mm ferrules (FC, SC, SC2, ST, DIN and D4)
  • Type-S B: Designed for MU, LC, MT, MPO/MTP without pins, MT-RJ without pins (will also clean 2.5mm ferrules)

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