D-Line Speed-D Cable Management Clamps (2 Products)

Simple, effective network cable management. In busy server cabinets, Speed-D Clamps uniquely align rows of network cables - to potentially save a fortune in time, disruption & lost revenue. The hinge-design enables the user to open the jaws, to insert cables in the same order as the corresponding ports, before simply click-lock closing the clamp. Because the cables maintain their orderly line-up, in event of a switch change there is no confusing which cable fits in which port. By eliminating mis-patching, critical downtime is minimised.
  • Reduces downtime - eliminates mis-patching
  • Removes human error - mitigates risk
  • Simplifies documentation & labelling
  • Suitable for Cat5 & Cat6 cables, up to 7.5mm diameter
  • Available in 6 port or 12 port options
  • Supplied in packs of 10

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