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  1. Pocket size mini fibre testers, including Light Source, Power Meter, Live Fibre Adaptor and Visual Fault Locator The Mini fiberTOOLS consist of laser and LED sources, and optical power meters. The laser sources are available at 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, and 1625nm. The LED sources are available at 850nm and 1300nm.
    • The optical power meters are available with Ge and filtered InGaAS diodes. All versions of the optical power meter are available with USB download, which is compatible with Excel and the Greenlee GVIS records manager.
    • Convenient kits are available for singlemode and multimode uses.
    • Confirm network and device performance features
    • All common bulkheads are supported
    • Universal bulkhead on optical power meters
    • USB download on the GRP 460
    • 2kHz tone output on all sources
    • Active detector feedback insures stable output power.
    • Supplied with SC adaptor