Huber+Suhner Cable Distribution Racks (CDR / ODF) (3 Products)

Huber+Suhner's cable distribution racks (CDR) are a purpose built high-density fibre management rack which serves as a central cross-connect in the main distribution area of data centres. The CDR's are fully modular and scalable up to 1620 ports (3240 fibres) using LC connectivity and 1080 ports (25,920 fibres) using MTP connectivity. CDR's can be placed back to back on a single floor tile or, alternativly, against an unused wall for minimal space consumption. The CDR can adapt to any environment and can be configured to meet any requirements
  • C-shaped construction allowing front side access installation
  • 300mm deep footprint
  • Quick release doors and side panels (tool-free)
  • Available in 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm & 1500mm widths
  • Ideal for use with LISA cassette solution

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