OPT 4/12f Overhead Drop Cable Stripper (2 Products)

The OPT stripper has a profiled cassette that slits the sheath on a 4/12f overhead drop cable
  • Each cassette contains a single rotatory blade which is located on the handle mechanism, as a pair the blades are diametrically opposite each other
  • These blades cut through the outer sheath to expose the cable element, ideally using the yellow stripe(s) as a guide to prevent the blades coming into contact with the strength members
  • A profiled roller is located either side of the rotary blade to ensure the internal cable element is not damaged during the stripping operation
  • The handle locking mechanism ensures the stripper remains closed during the sheath stripping operation
  • A wrist strap and user instructions are supplied with each stripper
  • Overall dimensions : 210(W) x 67(H) x 36mm(D) (including cassette)

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