Prysmian Blown Fibre OS2 (EPFU) (10 Products)

Enhanced Performance Fibre Unit (EPFU) bundle fibre designed for blowing in ducts with an internal diameter of 3.5mm. Smaller fibre counts manufactured with a rough exterior coating to aid the performance of blowing allowing air capture on the surface of the fibre unit. Specifically engineered for blown fibre applications. The optical fibres are initially encapsulated in a soft inner acrylate layer which cushions the fibres, followed by an outer harder layer which protects the fibres from external damage. Finally, there is a low-friction layer that helps to maximise blowing distance (typically in excess of 1000 metres)
  • Blowing distances up to 1000m (750m for 12 core)
  • Fibres already installed can be removed and replaced with a higher fibre count
  • Once removed, the fibres can be re-used at another site.
  • Available in G652D & G657A1 fibre
  • Various PAN lengths available (2km standard)

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