Televes MOSAIQ6 (6 Products)

MOSAIQ6 is a high performance portable meter providing technicians with a powerful tool capable of measuring, analysing and diagnosing return channel, radio, DAB and DAB+, television, optical fibre, Wi-Fi or IPTV signals. It's equipped with an ultra-fast high-resolution spectrum analyser which, together with the echo-analysis functionalities, allows the display of any significant aspect of the signal
  • Touch screen with tap, double-tap, long press, swipe, drag, pinch or spread gesture control
  • Mosaic display mode enables up to 6 different parameters to be displayed at the same time
  • Ultra-fast spectrum analyser
  • LTE signal check
  • Optical attenuation measurements
  • Demodulation and analysis of IPTV streams
  • GPS option for geolocation of signal measurements
  • Robust and weather resistant

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