"I need to be confident that a company will consistently deliver and be responsive to the frequent changes that occur in the communications industry. Comtec gives me that confidence."

Rick Hughes, Programme Director - Alcatel Telecom

"Comtec have been able to use their skills in global supplier sourcing to provide BT with quality products, improved lead times and competitive pricing. BT considers Comtec to be reliable, innovative and confident and therefore a supplier who will always endeavour to maintain BT's high standards."

Katie Endicott, Senior Supply Chain Manager - BT

"A major source of competitive advantage is Comtec’s ability to source and negotiate lower prices on behalf of their clients and Comtec have delivered significant cost savings to Telewest since winning the supply contract."

Martyn Parsley, Purchasing Manager - Telewest

"Supplier partnership is one of the most over-used expressions in the field of professional modern procurement but this is a phrase that would understate the relationship between Comtec and the companies of which I have worked with in a senior purchasing capacity."

Sandy Malcolm, Purchasing Manager - Kingston Communications

"Comtec’s standard of performance in terms of delivering on time, flexibility & communication has contributed to my team delivering exceptional levels of service to our customers this year."

Alan Newman, Senior Supply Chain Manager - BT

"We needed to find an experienced Supply Chain Management partner - not just a general logistics company, Comtec uniquely fitted the bill and their flexibility, dedication and attention to detail were instrumental to our success."

Martin Wall, Former Managing Director - Redstone Networks

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