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Power Cable (97 products)

Below is a selection of power cables for every kind of install, from Tri-Rated cable (also known as control panel wire or switchgear cable) is a flexible (Class 5) high temperature, flame-retardant single core and single insulated cable with heat resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheathing . To Twin and Earth cable, a general fixed wiring and lighting cable, containing three conductors. There is a pair or Twin current carrying conductors, both individually insulated, and one bare conductor which is the CPC or Earth.

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Power Cable 6231 Tri-Rated logo

Power Cable 6231 Tri-Rated

  • Tri-rated as it meets the specifications of three separate standard-setting bodies - the British Standards Institute (BSi), the Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) Appliance Wiring Materials (AWM), and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Used in the wiring of electrical cabinets, switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear, and for internal connectors in rectifier equipment, motor starters and controllers
  • Also designed for use inside small electrical devices
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Power Cable 6381Y logo

Power Cable 6381Y

  • Manufactured to BS6004
  • Suitable for BT installations as it meets the flammability requirements of BT M231
  • Should not be exposed to the risk of mechanical damage
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Power Cable 6491B logo

Power Cable 6491B

  • Recommended for use in dry environments
  • For applications such as wiring lighting fixtures and appliances, distributor boards and switchboards
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket
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Power Cable 6491X logo

Power Cable 6491X

  • Intended for use in closed installation ducts, and in embedded or semi-flush exposed conduits
  • Designed to be easily drawn into conduit and trunking
  • Ideal for the internal wiring of appliances in an enclosed and protected environment or as an earthing cable (green/yellow)
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