PPC Compression F-Type Connectors (2 Products)

The CMX satellite series compression connector is designed to excel on TV & satellite cables. The engineered polymer body and compression ring provide simple installation while maintaining high performance both mechanically and electrically
  • Blue (798588) - Works with HT100 cable & all equiavalents including CT100, & WF100
  • Grey (798591) - Works with CT65 cable & all equiavalents including WF65
  • Bandwidth 0MHz to 3GHz
  • Return loss minimum -25dB to 3GHz
  • Insertion loss Less .18dB
  • Operating voltage 90V (at 60Hz continuous AC)
  • Operating temperature -40 degrees C to 60 degrees C
  • For alternative cable options, please contact us
  • Use PPC Coax Compression Tools for termination
  • Ideal for use with Ultima HT100 75Ohm Coax Cables

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